Published: 2020-10-05 16:18:35 CEST
Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca
Inside information

About agreement by vote

We hereby announce that between the following shareholders: Vladimirs Cadovičs, Aleftīna Struļeviča, Valentins Istomins, Sergejs Safronovs and the limited liability company “NAMEJS 1” an agreement has been concluded on voting at the extraordinary shareholders meeting on October 6, 2020 on the issue of juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca "exclusion of shares from the regulated market", according to which if the shareholders specified in the agreement vote "For" in this matter, then the mandatory share repurchase offer specified in regulatory enactments will be made on behalf of these shareholders by the limited liability company “NAMEJS 1” and the shares offered for repurchase will be repurchased on behalf of the said shareholders by the limited liability company “NAMEJS 1”.

Chairman of the Board

Vladimirs Cadovičs