Published: 2014-04-02 13:40:26 CEST
Valsts Kase
Corporate Action

Government Securities Auction Results - 2 April

On Wednesday, 2 April, 5 year domestic government T-Bonds were offered with maturity 4 October, 2018.

All offered securities with the total nominal value of 48 million EUR were sold in a competitive multi-price auction.

Total demand reached 137,5 million EUR and exceeded the amount offered 2,9 times.

The top admissible yield set by the Treasury was 2,7% and the weighted average yield rate was 1,577% (in the auction of the same series on 26 February 2014 – 1,790%).

On Thursday, 3 April, 5 year T-Bonds with the total nominal value of 12 million EUR will be offered in a non-competitive fixed rate auction.

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