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Published: 2022-11-03 17:00:00 CET
Vilniaus Baldai
General meeting of shareholders

Resolutions of the general shareholders meeting of VILNIAUS BALDAI AB on 03/11/2022

On the 3rd of November 2022 the Annual General Shareholders Meeting of VILNIAUS BALDAI AB adopted the following resolutions:

Agenda item #1: Approval of changing registered address of the Company. Resolution: To change the registered address of the Company to Pramonės st. 23, Guopstų vil., Trakų district, LT-21148

Agenda item #2: Approval of elections of the Audit Company and establishment of conditions for payment for audit services. Resolution:
1.1. To select the Limited Liability Company “Grant Thornton Baltic”, the company’s code 300056169, headquarter address Municipality of Vilnius city, Vilnius, Upės st. 21, , to perform the audit of Annual Financial Statements for the period of 2022-2023.
1.2. To determine the following payment conditions for performed audit:
Remuneration for audit of the set of the Annual Financial Statement for the year 2022 – 23 500 EUR, for the year 2023 – 25 850 EUR, excluding the value added tax. The value added tax shall be calculated and paid additionally under procedure provided by laws.
1.3. In the event of additional services under the audit agreement, the audit company shall be paid additional remuneration. The amount of it shall be determined based on hourly rates of employees of the Private Liability Company “Grant Thornton Baltic” taking part in performance of additional services.
1.4. Additional remuneration shall be paid after completion of additional services.


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