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Published: 2022-09-30 09:05:12 CEST
Cleveron Mobility
Company Announcement

Cleveron Mobility AS pilot project with one of the largest retailers in Lithuania has started

On September 19th started CLEVON 1 autonomous vehicles home delivery service pilot project in Lithuania in cooperation with IKI, one of Lithuania's largest retailers.  

During the pilot project, CLEVON 1 vehicles will be used to deliver to customers their purchases from the online store.

The objectives of the pilot project are:

  • To test the CLEVON 1 vehicle and to receive feedback for the technical development and improvement of the product.
  • Test the use of CLEVON 1 as seen by the retailer, to organize and implement the retailer's business processes and business model according to the feedback received. 
  • Receive feedback from end users about the experience of using CLEVON 1 and improve the service, vehicle and business processes based on the received feedback.

The pilot project with IKI lasts three months. After the end of the pilot project, the following decisions will be made regarding the use of CLEVON 1 and possible future orders.

After the first 7-day test period, all parties of the pilot project are very satisfied with results and they received a lot of valuable feedback about  the business model and the vehicle improve. The plan for the coming weeks is to expand the service provision area, and the extension of the service operation time is also being considered, so that more customers would have the opportunity to test personally that new solution. 

IKI is a brand of a Lithuanian supermarket chain. The supermarket chain IKI is one of the largest in Lithuania.IKI chain includes 234 supermarkets all over Lithuania. About 6,000 employees work in the IKI supermarket chain, and with this indicator, IKI is one of the largest employers in Lithuania. 

The IKI supermarket chain is operated by UAB Palink. UAB Palink is 93.75% owned by REWE, one of Germany's largest retailers. REWE Group's annual turnover in 2021 was 69.4 billion euros. 


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Arno Kütt

Chairman of the management board of Cleveron Mobility AS