Published: 2022-11-21 16:19:52 CET
GIVEN Jewellery
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GIVEN Jewellery AS unaudited quarterly report for Q3 2022

GIVEN Jewellery AS has published its unaudited quarterly report.

Business results

In 9m 2022 GIVEN Group has managed to significantly expand its retail chain in the Baltic States and grow its revenue. In 9m 2022 the Group’s revenue reached € 8.3M, which is by 100% more than in 9m 2021. The Group’s gross margin also improved, which grew to 59% in 9m 2022 compared to 54% in 9m 2021. The Group’s EBITDA and EBITDA margin for 9m 2022 was € 1.3M 16% respectively.

While macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty remains high, GIVEN has not observed significant changes in shopping patterns by its clients for now. With a strengthening market position and a long-term vision, GIVEN is confident in its ability to weather a potential recession and has the ambition to be the leading jewellery retail chain in the Baltic States.

In 2023 the Group plans to continue expanding its retail chain in the Baltic States, strengthening its market position, promoting its brand awareness, developing its online shops, surprise its customers with new products and launching new ESG initiatives.

About GIVEN Group

GIVEN is a jewellery brand that stands for joy, beauty, love, creativity, and sustainability by expressing this in its jewellery – through design, unique collections of brands, and carefully considered details, making the valuable accessible.

AS GIVEN Jewellery is the parent company of GIVEN in Baltics. As of September 30, 2022 GIVEN Group operates 60 shops in the Baltics and is the largest jewellery retail chain in the region. Also, the Group has three online shops – www.given.lv, www.given.ee and www.given.lt.

GIVEN offers jewellery for women, men, and children to bring joyful accents to everyday life and to highlight the most important moments in life, as well as interest-free instalment payments, gold exchange and other services. Read more www.given.lv.

AS GIVEN Jewellery unaudited financial report for Q3 2022 is attached to the announcement and is also published on NASDAQ Riga and web page  https://givenjewellery.com.


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