Published: 2020-08-26 15:38:13 CEST
Company Announcement

Transaction with related party

 Aktsiaselts BALTIKA (hereinafter “Baltika”) hereby notifies investors of the following related party transaction.

Baltika and Baltika’s shareholder KJK Fund SICAV-SIF, via its holding company, have entered into a loan agreement 24th August 2020, under which KJK Fund SICAV-SIF via its holding company shall grant to Baltika a loan with the principal amount of 2,550,000 EUR, interest rate of 6.0% and repayment date 31.12.2024. Amounts arising from the said loan are repayable as a single payment on the repayment date (i.e. as a “bullet” payment) and the loan has been granted without collateral.

As KJK Fund SICAV-SIF holds a qualifying holding in Baltika and members of the Management Board of KJK Fund SICAV-SIF Lauri Kustaa Äimä and Jaakko Sakari Mikael Salmelin are members of the Supervisory Board of Baltika, the aforementioned transaction qualifies as a transaction with persons connected with the issuer in the meaning of the rules of Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

Flavio Perini    

Member of Management Board, CEO