Published: 2020-12-11 06:00:00 CET
Corporate Action

Baltika will continue with only Ivo Nikkolo clothing brand

´╗┐Baltika will continue with implementation of business model based on renewed strategy, focusing going forward only on developing and marketing women clothing brand Ivo Nikkolo.

Focusing on one brand allows to reduce the cost base and allows easier entrance to key markets to expand sale possibilities. Company┬┤s target is to develop from Ivo Nikkolo international brand, starting from Baltic countries and moving onward to other Central and Eastern-European countries. The collection of Ivo Nikkolo will be contemporary and the target is to offer clients quality products with reasonale prices partly from spring-summer 2021 and fully from autumn-winter. In the same time offer strong client experience in stores as well as through e-stores and platforms.

Ivo Nikkolo head designer is Margot Vaaderpass, who has wide and international experience, has worked in both product and clothing design and has worked in Ivo Nikkolo design team before.

Flavio Perini

Member of Management Board, CEO