Published: 2013-07-19 13:39:30 CEST
Company Announcement

Investor Conference Webinar about Olainfarm’s recent developments

Olaine, 2013-07-19 13:39 CEST -- On July 18 AS „Olainfarm” organized its Investor Conference Online Webinar for investors to inform about the company’s recent developments.

During the webinar the member of the management board of AS „Olainfarm” Salvis Lapiņš gave an in-depth analysis about company’s 2013 first quarter financial results and informed about sales in first half of the year. Salvis Lapiņš also gave a presentation about SIA „Silvanols” history, type of business, financial results and future prospects.

During the conference Salvis Lapiņš noted that the production volume of SIA „Silvanols” can be increased aprox. 3 times, thus allowing the company to increase its sales and reach the target - 10 million lats turnover in nearest 5 years.

Answering questions sent in by the investors, Salvis Lapiņš approved that sales of AS “Olainfarm” will increase in the second half of the year.

The recorded “Olainfarm” webinar is available online:, and the presentation, demonstrated during the webinar, can be found in the previously published AS “Olainfarm” announcement:

Olainfarm thanks all participants, who joined the webinar, and encourages everybody to follow company’s announcements to get information on the next webinar!


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