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Published: 2024-04-03 08:31:00 CEST
Enefit Green
Annual Financial Report

Enefit Green 2023 audited annual report and profit allocation proposal

On its meeting today, 3 April 2024 the supervisory board of Enefit Green AS (hereinafter the „Company“) has approved the 2023 audited annual report of the Company and will submit it to the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter the „AGM“) for approval. Compared to the unaudited interim report published on 29 February 2024, there are no material differences in the audited report.

Company’s 2023 consolidated annual report with included independent auditor’s report (translations from Estonian originals) is attached to this notice and will be made available on Company’s webpage at https://enefitgreen.ee/en/investorile/


Profit allocation proposal

The total retained earnings of the Enefit Green group as at 31 December 2023 were €223,718k, including net profit for 2023 of €55,793k.

The management board of Enefit Green proposes to the general meeting that profit be allocated as follows:

Dividends                                                €27,749k (€0.105 per share)

Transfer to statutory capital reserve             €2,736k

Retained earnings after allocations             €25,308k


Further information:
Sven Kunsing
Head of Finance Communications

Enefit Green is one of the leading renewable energy producers in the Baltic Sea area. The Company operates wind farms in Estonia and Lithuania, waste-to-energy CHP plant in Estonia, solar farms in Estonia and Poland and a hydroelectric plant in Estonia. In addition, the Company is developing several wind and solar farms in the mentioned countries, Latvia and Finland. As of the end of 2023, the Company had a total installed electricity production capacity of 515 MW and a total installed heat production capacity of 50 MW. During 2023, the Company produced 1,343 GWh of electricity, 604 GWh of heat energy and 156 thousand tonnes of wood pellets. In the end of 2023, Enefit Green exited the biomass based CHP and pellet production businesses.




Enefit Green annual report 2023 ENG.pdf