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Published: 2021-09-30 08:06:58 CEST
Nasdaq Riga
Announcement from the exchange

Observation status applied to AS “Olainfarm”

Nasdaq Riga decided on September 30, 2021 to apply observation status to AS “Olainfarm” (OLF1R, ISIN: LV0000100501).

Observation status is applied to AS “Olainfarm” according to Nasdaq Riga Rules on Listing and Trading of Financial Instruments on the Markets Regulated by the Exchange Article 20.1.2, Subarticle 7, which stipulates that the Issuer shall be placed on observation status in the next six (6) months it is planned to perform activities in the result of which the financial instruments of the Issuer would be delisted. 

On September 29, 2021 AS “Olainfarm” informed about additional agenda item to be added to the October 14, 2021 extraordinary general shareholders meeting on the delisting of company's shares from the regulated market.

The purpose of assigning observation status is to alert the market participants.

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