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Published: 2018-08-06 15:16:41 CEST
Olympic Entertainment Group
Company Announcement

OEG: Application for squeeze-out of the shares in the course of a merger

The management board of Olympic Entertainment Group AS (“OEG”) hereby informs of the receipt of an application from its shareholder Odyssey Europe AS (“the Majority Shareholder”) for the takeover of shares belonging to the minority shareholders of OEG (the “Minority Shareholders”) in return for monetary compensation of 1.40 EUR per share in connection with the planned merger of OEG as transferring company with and into the Majority Shareholder as acquiring company (the “Merger”) in accordance with Section 4211 (1) of the Estonian Commercial Code (the “Squeeze-out”).

The Majority Shareholder holds 136,630,452 shares in OEG representing more than 9/10 of the share capital of OEG. The application was accompanied in accordance with the provisions of the Estonian Commercial Code with the takeover report prepared by the Majority Shareholder and the auditor’s report prepared by an independent third auditor.

The management board of OEG is currently in the process of preparing the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of OEG to decide on the Squeeze-out in the course of the Merger. The notice calling for an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders together with other documents required under the law will be published shortly.

The merger agreement between OEG as transferring company and the Majority Shareholder as acquiring company is planned to be concluded on 06.08.2018.

This announcement supplements the information published on 02.05.2018 21:00 CEST regarding preparation of the Merger.

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