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Published: 2022-12-20 08:00:00 CET
Enefit Green
Financial Calendar

Enefit Green 2023 financial calendar

During 2023, Enefit Green plans to disclose its production and financial results according to the following schedule:

Week 2Monthly production results (December 2022)
Week 6Monthly production results (January 2023)
28 Feb 2023Unaudited interim report 4Q 2022
Week 10Monthly production results (February 2023)
4 Apr 2023Audited annual report 2022 and dividend proposal
Week 15Monthly production results (March 2023)
4 May 2023Unaudited interim report 1Q 2023
Week 19Monthly production results (April 2023)
Week 24Monthly production results (May 2023)
Week 28Monthly production results (June 2023)
3 Aug2023Unaudited interim report 2Q 2023
Week 32Monthly production results (July 2023)
Week 37Monthly production results (August 2023)
Week 41Monthly production results (September 2023)
2 Nov 2023Unaudited interim report 3Q 2023
Week 45Monthly production results (October 2023)
Week 50Monthly production results (November 2023)

Further information:
Sven Kunsing
Head of Finance Communications

Enefit Green is one of the leading diversified renewable energy producers in the Baltic Sea area. The Company wind farms in Estonia and Lithuania, cogeneration plants in Estonia and Latvia, solar farms in Estonia and Poland, a pellet plant in Latvia and a hydroelectric plant in Estonia. In addition, the Company is developing several wind and solar farms in the mentioned countries and Finland. As of the end of 2021, the Group had a total installed electricity production capacity of 457 MW and a total installed heat production capacity of 81 MW. During 2021, the Company produced 1,193 GWh of electricity and 618 GWh of heat.