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Published: 2024-03-21 15:51:14 CET
Storent Holding
Inside information

Additional bond issue

Insider information, 2024-03-21 15:51 CET --  

On 21 March 2024 AS “Storent Holding” (the Issuer) issued additional bonds (ISIN LV0000850345) in amount of EUR 1,341,500. After this issue the total size of the issue reached EUR 10,000,000. The Issuer used its right to acquired all the bonds in the primary placement and it plans to dispose the bonds on the secondary market in the near future.


Baiba Onkele

Storent Holdings CFO

Mobile: + 371 29340012

E-mail: baiba.onkele@storent.com


2024.03.21. Final Terms Storent Holding AS Second Series Second Tranche.pdf
2024.03.21. Issue Specific Summary EE.pdf
2024.03.21. Issue Specific Summary LT.pdf
2024.03.21. Issue Specific Summary LV.pdf