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Published: 2023-12-01 14:06:14 CET
Nasdaq Vilnius
Changes to observation segment

Observation status is continued to apply to AB Snaigė

Nasdaq Vilnius has decided to apply an additional reason for the granting of observation status to AB Snaigė based on the Company's announcement as of 27-11-2023 about the revised draft restructuring plan and the further actions planned to be taken to implement it.

The Nasdaq Vilnius decision continues to apply to AB “Snaigė“ on observation status regarding the notification received on 3 October 2023 from its main shareholder UAB EDS INVEST 3 regarding the intention to make a mandatory non-competitive tender offer for the acquisition of the remaining shares of AB Snaigė.

The reason for the observation status applied to the Company on 30-05-2022 by Nasdaq Vilnius decision considering that AB Snaigė publicly announced that shareholders’ equity of the Company became lower than ½ of the authorized capital of the Company, also remains valid.

The purpose of applying observation status is to alert the market participants.



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