Published: 2021-05-21 15:22:01 CEST
Ignitis grupė
Notification on material event

Ownership rights of part of Ignitis Gamyba's shares have been transferred to Ignitis Group

AB “Ignitis grupė” (hereinafter – ‘Ignitis Group’ or ‘Company’) informs that following the decision of Vilnius District Court (hereinafter – the Court) of 30 April 2021, managers of securities accounts on 21 May have transferred money for the shares of AB “Ignitis Gamyba” (hereinafter – Ignitis Gamyba) held by part of the minority shareholders, in respect of whom the Court decision was made, in their personal securities accounts. Shareholders holding shares of Ignitis Gamyba in the issuer’s accounts will be transferred funds after submitting a request to SEB Bank (see below).

On 21 May managers of securities accounts finished making records on the transfer of ownership rights for the part of shares of Ignitis Gamyba to Ignitis Group in respect of 10,989,527 units out of 11,113,442 units of shares, which were recognised as the property of the Company by the Court decision. Respectively, from this day, 99,89% of shares of Ignitis Gamyba are held by Ignitis Group.

For the shareholders who held shares in personal securities accounts, the funds were transferred to their personal accounts, while those shareholders who hold the shares in the issuer's accounts, will be able to receive the funds by contacting SEB Bank. This requires a free form application:

  • SEB Bank customers can do that at any SEB Bank branch or using a SEB internet banking system. It should be indicated which company’s shares must be paid for and the number of the private account to which the money should be transferred
  • Non-SEB bank customers can submit a request to transfer the money for the shares by booking a meeting at a SEB bank’s branch in advance. The person must provide an identity document at the meeting

We inform that during the execution of the Court decision, managers of securities accounts noticed that holders of part of the shares, in respect of which the Court decision was made, have changed. The shareholders (29 in total) of such shares have yet to be transferred funds because their identity is currently being identified. After identifying who were transferred the ownership rights, they will be transferred to the Company’s account, and the shareholders will be settled with in the procedure established above. After making the payments, the Company will be holding 99.91% of Ignitis Gamyba shares.

As the Company announced on 30 April (link) the Court has made a decision to approve the Company’s statement on the establishment and recognition of a fact of legal significance that 11,113,442 units of 11,688,245 units of unsold shares during the mandatory buyout of shares of Ignitis Gamyba are the property of the Company and obliged the managers of securities accounts to make records of the transfer of the rights of ownership to the Company.

The Court decision on the remaining shares of Ignitis Gamyba (574,803 units), the holders of which are deceased, has yet to be made, information about the judicial proceedings in this case is published on the Company’s website (link).

For more information please contact:

Artūras Ketlerius
Head of Public Relations at Ignitis Group
+370 6 207 6076