Published: 2021-06-17 09:25:50 CEST
UPP & CO Kauno 53
Announcement from First North


On 25.05.2021 UPP & CO Kauno 53 OÜ (the Issuer) submitted to the Note Investors an application for the waiver to alter Final Terms of the Terms and Conditions of UPP & CO Kauno 53 OÜ Subordinated Note Issue Dated 7th April 2017 (As amended on 16th August 2017) (the Terms).

The application for waiver was published on 25.05.2021 in Stock Exchange information system

The final date for submitting a waiver was June 14th, 2021. According to Section 15.3 of the Terms, a waiver is deemed to be approved if the Investors who hold in aggregate the Notes with the Nominal Value representing at least 2/3 of the aggregate Nominal Value of all outstanding Notes (excluding any Notes held by the Issuer and the Related Parties) have granted the waiver. As of June 14th, 2021, the Issuer has reveiced the consent from Majority Investors.

On June 16th, 2021, the Collateral Agent has granted their consent for amending the Final Terms, having received the waivers submitted by the Note Investors and having signed the amendment to the Mortgage Agreement where the interest rate and maturity date of the Secured Obligations was amended according to the new terms of the Final Terms.

Hereby the Issuer notifies that as of June 15th, 2021, the new terms of the Final Terms have entered into force. The Maturity Date is July 17th, 2024, and the Interest rate is 6% p.a. starting from July 18th, 2021. The amended Final Terms in force are attached to this publication.

The Issuer has forwarded to Nasdaq CSD depository the application for changing the Terms in the registry, together with the waivers of the Note Investors, the consent of the Collateral Agent and the list of investors as of June 14th, 2021.

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