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Published: 2023-11-02 11:21:53 CET
Company Announcement

SIA L. J. LINEN obtains Bondholders approval for amendments to the Terms of Bonds Issue

In accordance with the Terms of the Bonds Issue of SIA L. J. LINEN, registration number: 40003669025 (hereinafter the “Issuer”), dated 13 December 2022, ISIN: LV0000850071, (hereinafter “Terms of Issue”), on 12 October 2023 the Issuer informed Bondholders about the intended changes in the Terms of Issue and asked for a consent on the amendments to the Bondholders attached hereto (announcement can be found here).

The Issuer hereby informs that on 2 November 2023 the voting of the Bondholders for amendments has ended.

The principal amount of the outstanding Bonds is EUR 2,000,000 (100% of Bonds principal amount) from which more than 50% of Bondholders had to vote “FOR” in order for amendments to the Terms of issue to be approved.

Issuer has received 63,5% Bondholders’ votes “FOR” amendments of the Terms of Issue. Consequently, the proposed amendments to the Terms of Issue is approved and the new version of Terms of Issue will be prepared and published.

About L. J. LINEN:

LINEN is engaged in the sale of animal by-products and the provision of a tailored agricultural supply chain to market leaders. LINEN provides a seamless, full-cycle door-to-door sales and delivery service - the company is as a bridge between raw material producers and producers of animal feed, biofuels and human food. LINEN’s shareholders have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the sale of these components, gained in almost 30 years of experience and working with clients in 46 markets. The company is a supplier to some of the world's largest animal feed manufacturers and is one of the largest exporters of these ingredients to developing countries.

         Monta Tija Brakovska
         SIA “L. J. LINEN”
         Treasury manager
         Phone: (+371) 29942431
         Email: monta.brakovska@ljlinen.com

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